Solar PV and Battery Storage

Why Solar PV

Why Solar Panels?

ust imagine being able to generate your own free electricity when the sun shines! Well, that is how solar photovoltaic panels work. Although we don’t live in California, the panels will still work, as it is light not heat which is needed. A well designed system can still generate electricity on gloomy days. Clearly, if you have a south facing roof you will get the most benefit, but give us a call and we can model your own roof and calculate the expected generation.  The generated electricity can be used to power your home and with battery storage you will be able to use the power even when the sun does not shine. In fact if you have an existing solar system, we can fit battery storage to maximise your use of the free electricity. Should you not use all of your electricity you can take advantage of the Smart Energy Guarantee where your energy company will offer to buy the exported power from you (the rate for this varies between supplier).

If you have a heat pump which runs on electricity the addition of Solar PV will help to reduce your bills and if you take advantage of the RHI and the SEG scheme you will maximise your investment as well as helping to save the planet. 

With our range of battery storage solutions you can add storage to an existing system or go for batteries with your new Solar PV. Imagine using free energy when the sun doesn’t shine!

Interested in Solar Panels?

If you feel that solar panels and battery storage could be suitable for your project why not give us a call? The team at REN are always happy to talk renewables.